Will Lambert

For Port Hope Ward 1 Councillor

My Name’s Will Lambert And I’ve Lived In Port Hope And Been Involved With Many Of Its Wonderful Community & Charitable Organizations For Over 20 Years.

Why Am I Running For Ward 1 Councillor?

I was drawn to Port Hope because of its natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene and thriving local economy and I am running for Ward 1 Councillor because I believe all of these things are being threatened.

What Do I Bring To The Table?

I am a College Graduate in Fish & Wildlife who spent 6 years working with the Ministry of Natural Resources before transitioning to the Toronto Fire Services where I recently retired as a Captain after 35 years of service.As a Firefighter operating under dangerous conditions I developed the skills to work as part of an effective, cohesive team and as Captain it was my job to create an action plan for every unique event we were called to no matter what the situation. Failure was never an option.Within the Toronto Fire Service I was a Chief Steward representing my co-workers and lobbying all levels of Government for more than 10 years as well as being a founding member of my union's Political Action Committee.With regard to my Community and Volunteer work I have been involved with and served on the Boards of:The Port Hope Area Initiative's Citizens Liaison Committee
The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
The Port Hope Library Board
Port Hope Estival
Beyond the Blue Box
ACO (Port Hope)
Friends of West Beach
Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life
Save Our Trees
Friends of Wesleyville Village
Float Your Fanny

What Changes Do I Want To Make?

Property taxes and Utility Fees are at the top of my list. Our mill rate is high because the commercial and industrial tax base is low so the Municipal tax burden is nearly all on homeowners which has threatened many people’s stability.I will keep an eye on spending to ensure our hard‐earned tax dollars are not being wasted and spearhead plans to increase local business and commercial opportunities to offset our Property Tax burdens.Affordable Housing is another huge issue. Port Hope has a lot of people on fixed incomes who struggle with the costs of remaining in their homes.I will advocate for Programs to assist Households making less than $50K a year to help them remain in their homes with dignity.Port Hope has outside Developers building expensive single family homes but not building anything affordable and ordinary people are getting priced out of the market.I will push to expand Community rental bylaws, options and opportunities to increase housing possibilities for all.The Port Hope Area Initiative cleanup of Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) is a major concern in so many ways.I will work to speed up the project, get it back on schedule, reduce the wholesale destruction of the natural environment and avoid overfilling the containment facility.

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